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Eastyida international exhibition co., LTD., since its inception, has been 15 years, as a permanent member of the international chamber of commerce in China, one of China's exhibition industry pioneer company, is committed to Chinese enterprises on the world stage, for the Chinese brand products to the international, to contribute to China's convention and exhibition industry vigorous development.

Look up at the starry sky, feet on the ground, choose the optimal international exhibition, to create high-quality goods of professional services, is a major responsibility of the east yi da and the forward direction and motivation.



If you want to let you stand on the international stage, please find the east yi da!


We are the exhibition organizers in 53 countries areas of the world, have good relations of cooperation,
With the domestic each big organization, trade association, the association also have long-term good cooperation




  • Exhibition 2

    Cars and accessories exhibition, commercial truck, modified auto show, rubber tires, agriculture and agricultural machinery exhibition.
  • Exhibition 3

    Comprehensive building materials exhibition, exhibition of kitchen and bathroom, pipe valve hvac refrigeration exhibition, glass doors and Windows and aluminum exhibition, exhibition of roofing and waterproofing materials.
  • Exhibition 4

    LED lighting exhibition, exhibition, the consumer electronics show, wearable electronics, electronic components.
  • Shanghai

    A food, aquatic products, packaging machinery and printing, solar energy, electricity.

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