Exhibition Name Country Time Address
EGYIEC 2020 Egypt 2020-12-03 Cairo
LED EXPO 2020 India 2020-11-30 New Delhi
MYANLIGHT 2020 Myanmar 2020-11-30 Rangoon
IIDEX Canada 2020 Canada 2020-11-29 Toronto
LIGHT THAILAND 2020 Thailand 2020-11-16 Bangkok
SIL EU/LUXLIVE 2020 England 2020-11-15 London
INTERLIGHT MOSCOW 2020 Russia 2020-11-07 Moscow
IRAN LEDEXPO Iran 2020-11-04 Teheran
LIGHT MIDDLE EAST 2020 Dubai 2020-10-17 Dubai
ILLUMINOTRONICA Italy 2020-10-12 Padova
LIGHTSHOW WEST 2020 America 2020-10-11 Los Angles
MATELEC LATINOAMERICA 2020 ? Chile 2020-10-04 Santiago
Led Professional Symposium + Expo Austria 2020-09-26 Bregenz
LED&LIGHTING 2020 Turkey 2020-09-21 Istanbul
LIGHT Argentina 2020 Argentina 2020-09-13 Buenos Aires



  • Exhibition 2

    Cars and accessories exhibition, commercial truck, modified auto show, rubber tires, agriculture and agricultural machinery exhibition.
  • Exhibition 3

    Comprehensive building materials exhibition, exhibition of kitchen and bathroom, pipe valve hvac refrigeration exhibition, glass doors and Windows and aluminum exhibition, exhibition of roofing and waterproofing materials.
  • Exhibition 4

    LED lighting exhibition, exhibition, the consumer electronics show, wearable electronics, electronic components.
  • Shanghai

    A food, aquatic products, packaging machinery and printing, solar energy, electricity.

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